10 Items For Your Baby's Easter Basket

Easter is just around the corner and if you're like I was, you might be wondering what to put in your baby's Easter basket. Well, no need to stress! I’ve done some research (and look around my house) and came up with some awesome ideas that your little one will love.

Plus all these items Dax already has or will be getting for Easter. From a swing to a talking cactus, we've got some pretty cool stuff that will make your baby's Easter basket the envy of all their little friends. So let's dive into the list and see what we've got!

1.  Honey Bunny Bodysuit

Of course Dax is getting one of these!  It's part of his adorable Easter outfit (pictures to come). 

2. Never Touch A Grumpy Bunny  

Dax is super into touch and feel books right now, so this one is going into his Easter basket.  I'm getting one for my 13 month old niece too!  Bonus: at the time of this blog, this book is on sale for $7.99 (originally $10.99)

3. Sweet Swinging Swing

I have wanted to get one of these swings since before I was even pregnant!  They are soooo cute and made by a small business. They can go inside or outside.  Use our friend Mini_Mushie_Madi (super fun IG follow)'s discount code MADI15

4. Pull String Toy

This was an early Easter gift for Dax.  I gave it to him for his first flight and he loved it.  He will be able to use this one for a while. 

5. Infant sun glasses

Seriously they are so cute and the protect their little eyes.  A good tip I learned is not to get the mirrored ones, because it reflects the sun onto baby's face so theres a higher chance of a burn 

6. Carrot Harvest Toy


This is a favorite in our house- with the carrots and the little bunnies on it, this would be absolutely adorable in an easter basket.  At 7 months old, Dax loves pulling them all out.  They are all different sizes, so it's definitely an educational toy they will grow with him.  At the time of this blog, these are 15% off! 

7. Talking Cactus 

If you are on TikTok I am sure you have seen this one.  

8. Carrot Teether


Another cute Easter-ish item to throw into an easter basket. I have also seen these available at Walmart


9. Big Diney Toy

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for anything Itzy Ritzy and Diney is not exception. Okay this isn't the official name of this toy, but Dax has the smaller crinkle version of this one and we call him diney.  The smaller version (see it here) is Dax's FAVORITE toy.  I'm excited to see what he thinks of the bigger one. 

10.  Crinkle Square from Baby Jack and Co


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