What I Bought For Baby Led Weaning


We have started the baby led weaning journey.  You guys, I was scared sh–less to do babyled weaning.  If you know me, you know I am an anxious person and the gagging just straight freaked me out.  BUT after looking into it and talking to our doctor I do think it really is the best option for Dax, so we’re going all in and doing it! 

We’ve only done a couple of foods so far and he is loving it.  I want to preface this by saying that I'm not sure if all the products I bought will be necessary or are the best, but I thought it would be helpful to share my list with you nonetheless. Like many of you, I've spent hours scouring the internet (and of course TikTok) for advice and recommendations on what to buy, and I ended up getting a bunch of stuff that I hope will come in handy. Like I said I am no expert, so if you have any suggestions or reviews please leave them in the comments. 

High Chair- Stokke Clikk 


So far I am pretty happy with this highchair.  Its super easy to clean, I was impressed that dried avocado came right off with the sink sprayer.  Honestly I had a potterybarn gift card, that’s why we choose this one.  Only major cons is, it’s very short and we have a counter height table and a bar. Also the foot rest was too far from Dax’s feet so we had to improvise and attach 2x4 

Food Feeder/pacifier- Boon Pulp &  Ali+Oli Food/Fruit Feeder Pacifier


Boon Pulp- I used this with the sweet potato and avocado that was too mashed for Dax to get into his mouth.  It was super easy to put together and clean. Dax had a hard time holding on to because it got slippery, but i just wiped it off for him. 

Ali and Oli- I got this one for my shower.  I didn’t really know much about it before that. I like the Boon way more than this one.  This one is much smaller.  It’s harder to fill and much messier.  At one point the lid came off in Dax’s mouth which was a little scary.  It’s much harder to clean as well.  The major pro of this one is that it is easier for little ones to hold.  


Crinkle Cutter

They say crinkle cutting some foods make them easier to hold.


Cups- Boon nush lids and straws and a silicon straw cup 


We haven’t used these too much, Dax is still getting the hang of it.  I got a super cute silicon staw cup at a small shop, it has no branding so I linked a similar one. 

Utensils- Ryan & Rose Cutie tensils and Itzy Ritzy sweetie spoons 


Dax can’t use these well, but he loves playing with them, so I hope that will help him with self-feeding.  I did take the itzt ritzy ones with me when we went out to eat so I could feed him some avocado.  (I know that’s not baby led weaning, I just didn’t want him to be left out when everyone else was eating and i also didn’t want him to make a huge mess) 

Life Vac-


Hopefully we will never have to use this, but as i said earlier, i am an anxious person 

Suction cup plates: Weesprout Suction cup plates with lids



I made the rookie mistake of letting giving daxton food straight on the tray, the plates make is so much easier for him to grab.  These ones are nice quality, suction really well and have lids.  

Bibs: silicon bibs


Mushie- This was perfect for when we went out to eat, but usually i just feed him without a shirt because he’s crazy. 


Blog by Julia, founder/designer of Twine Design.  Mom to 6 month old Dax.  Just a first time mom learning as I go and sharing with you along the way. 


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